The Power of Kai Chi Do

Community. Breath. Music. Fun.

What is Kai Chi Do?

Kai Chi Do is a fun aerobic practice using music, movement and breath in order to free blocked energy.  Kai Chi Do combines multiple researched modalities of healing into one process.

Kai Chi Do is for Everyone

Modifications can be made so that everyone can participate, no matter what the fitness level.

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Why Kai Chi Do? 

Studies have shown that these modalities provide multiple mental, physical and emotional benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Better range of motion
  • Supporting lymphatic system
  • Improved cognitive functioning
  • Improved cardiovascular and respiration efficiency
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved focus
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes
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It’s about connection

Besides all these mind, body improvements, the most important and popular benefit that is experienced by our participants is that of connection. This connection is to oneself, to each other and to Life. People report a feeling of freedom, of expansion, and of elevation.

We Bring Kai Chi Do to YOU!

Looking for ways to connect and empower as well as improve the health of your clients, employees, patients, friends, or family members?

Kai Chi Do is the perfect modality to provide all these benefits…

Kai Chi Do is a system which is simple, can be done by anybody and provides an aerobic, meditation and breath work experience into one 45 min. to 1 hour practice.

This practice has been shared successfully with treatment centers in such as Tranquil Shores, Empower, and Clean Recovery centers in Tampa Bay area, women’s shelters, nursing homes, military bases, schools, group homes, wellness centers, retreats and yoga studios. Besides enjoying an invigorating aerobic experience people report a deep sense of connection, calmness and uplifting feeling.

If you would like more information on the benefits Kai Chi Do can provide for your community or would like to know how you can get a free demonstration, please contact me by email or you can connect with me directly by phone 502-644-9333

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Charles Robinson creator of Kai Chi Do

The Creator and Heart of Kai Chi Do; Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson is the creator and is the heart of the Kai Chi Do practice. He is my friend, my brother, my mentor and a sage for so many.

He lives his truth and shares that truth with others. He is a mental health counselor and has spent most of his life working with people who have lost connection because of mental health and addiction issues.

He is dedicated to the freeing of all individuals from pain and suffering caused by the constant, relentless working of the mind and disconnection from each other.

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