Kai Chi Do

The Free Spirit Way

What is Kai Chi Do

Did you ever want to experience true freedom? The feeling of being able to get lost in the moment and having fun? A time of complete letting go and feeling a deep connection with yourself, with others and with Life itself?

Then it is time to introduce you to a new practice called Kai Chi Do

Kai Chi Do is like being with a group of friends, listening to music, moving to the beat,  in the outdoors, breathing in fresh air and having a spiritual experience together. That is what Kai Chi Do is to me.

It is an art form, a practice, an aerobic exercise, a meditation, a breath work, a community, and most of all it is a connection with Spirit. In a world where phones, computers, the internet, social media are ways we use to come together, even speaking using our voices to communicate is rare these days, we are missing that real, coming together of  people, able to physically touch one another, hold hands, hug, feel, just BE together.

Kai Chi Do is literally translated as Free Spirit Way. It is a practice using music, movement and breath work in order to free the spirit by moving blocked energy.

We begin this process by standing in a circle with a group, large or small, it can even be an individual experience once you learn how to practice it. We then go through the Depths, a series of movements, laying of the hands, inspired by the  ancient art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. This is where we let go of the past, the future and stay in the present moment, connecting with each other and offering ourselves to the process. We use the Aah breath, the passive breath, to relax deeper into these movements. We also begin using the Sah breath, the active Breath of Fire, to add intensity to what we are about to do.

The music changes to one with a solid and steady beat using simple movements to the music as we follow and flow with the instructor through this journey. We learn to move and breath, using the Sah, the active breath, coming together forming one movement and one breath. The music builds and reaches a high point where it  becomes faster, more intense, helping us to let go of resistance and allows us to be open and present. The music slows down and we are able to relax into the softer, slower music, as we are led through a guided meditation and are able to let go of resistance in a different way. The music then begins to pull us out of meditation where we are more grounded and make our declarations and intentions. The intention for Kai Chi Do is always peace and Love to all beings. That all beings be Free and Find liberation in every moment. The End of Suffering.

After the process is complete, we come together in a different way. We experience each other in a real way, where we are able to look into the face of another human being and make the connection we realize we have been starving for. Everyone is in the moment, everyone is with each other, everyone is free.