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I live my Free Spirit Way.

I always felt different than those around me. I am very sensitive to the world, especially to the emotions of all people I would encounter. I I also had difficulty masking my feelings as well as my true nature which was not something I felt comfortable with. I had to learn a new perspective about myself and who I was. In the end, I realized this freed me to be authentic; to create the life that best fit me and to be true to myself. I then knew who I wanted to be, how I wanted to live and what I wanted to do with my life.

I started using my sensitivity to others feelings to help them move past their pain. I realized that I was inherently able to see their foundational problem. I guided them in shifting their perception, so they were able to move through this pain in a more manageable way.

It wasn’t until I started really owning my abilities that I was able to find the right job that would fit who I was. I had been drawn to jobs that were based around counseling others, especially those who were struggling with homelessness, depression, anxiety and addiction. I worked in jails, shelters, treatment centers I received my Masters in Social Work because I knew I wanted to be a therapist.

I help heal people from their foundation. We all feel pain, fear, anxiety, sadness, and jealousy; but these emotions manifest differently in everyone. I work on trying to break this cycle of pain that may be affecting your overall health. My experience is that once the cycle is broken, everything seems to fall into place. By making a slight shift in perception, you are then easily able to make the big changes in all areas of your life. This is where true transformation happens.

I completed a Masters in Clinical Social Work (MSSW) in 2005 . During my time working as a therapist, I learned how important physical health and wellness is to the emotional and mental well being of my clients. It was because of this that I became certified as a Health Coach and help my clients find freedom through transformational wellness.

In 2010, I was introduced to a practice called Kai Chi Do which translates to Free Spirit Way.  Kai Chi Do is an aerobic exercise where using music, movement,  breath and meditation to free blocked energy. It was the only process I knew that could take people from despair to a sense of freedom and connection in less then one hour. I knew I had to integrate this process into my practice. I became a certified Kai Level Instructor in 2012 and now am a Do-Level instructor training students.

I also fell in love with yoga and became a 200hr certified yoga instructor in 2012. I have felt that these two practices, Kai Chi Do and yoga, are harmonious partners. Both free blocked energy where one is more of an aerobic practice with the focus being on connection to others and the other is more of a quiet stillness, being in the body, connecting with yourself. Using what I know I have helped countless people toward transformational healing using therapy, Kai chi do, meditation, yoga, breathwork and now health and nutrition.

I didn’t know that by following my bliss that it was also bringing me a satisfaction in life that I never imagined possible. It was in relationships, family, career, finances, love and appreciation for myself and my free spirit which guides me each and every day.

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